It was 3 in the morning. Kylie was busy with last minute homework. Her favorite songs by rappers were blasting through her headphones. She desperately wanted to play her new Halo game, but school came first. Especially science, since she was failing. The lights in her room started to flicker before they burned out. She looked up and reached for her flashlight. She hated blackouts. She hated dark rooms. Her flashlight shone a dim blue on the surrounding area.

She opened her door slowly. The lights were off in her whole house. It must be the faulty wiring. Thanks Dad. she thought. She creaked up the stairs. Creak. Creak. Creak. Creak. It was an old house, so she dismissed it. She looked around for the garage door. She found it after a couple mintues and opened it. She walked towards the fuse breaker and threw the door open. She shined her light on each switch. They were all switched off. Kylie sighed and flipped them all on. The ones that kept the basement running sparked madly and shocked her. She fell backwards onto the cold cement.

"Oww... what the heck?" she struggled to sit up. She was pushed down by an unseen force. Her flashlight flickered in strobelight mode, showing the grotesque face only a second at a time. Her adrenaline pumped faster and faster. The thing picked up the light and turned it off. "Shh... dark rooms are meant to be dark... for a reason," the pressure eased off her chest and she sat up immediately. The lights went back on. Except of course, the garage. Which is also known as the makeshift dark room for photographs. 

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